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Quality repairs for your vehicle at affordable prices

PGS Garage provides vehicle repairs on all makes and models of cars. We can fix any component in your car including engine repairs, exhaust repairs, suspension, steering and tyre fitting. Whatever you need for your vehicle, we’re on hand to help you out. We provide quality repair services for your car or van at prices that beat the main dealer.

Warning lights on your car dashboard

So, your car has broken down, or one of those annoying warning lights has started flashing on your dashboard? Don’t worry, here at PGS Garage we can carry out the full range of car repairs on site for you. Perhaps your vehicle has failed its MOT and you can’t afford to have it off the road because you need it to get to work, or for ferrying the kids to and from school. We can help with that. With more than 40 years of garage experience, there is no repair we can’t handle.

Warning lights on your car dashboard

Whether you need a cam belt replacement or it’s simply a strange sounding exhaust, we can carry out the full range of general car repairs on site. From clutches to gear boxes and from engines to electrical work, we can help. We also offer a specialist Air Conditioning repairs feature where we can undertake re-gassing to ensure that you get the best temperature inside your car as well as the premium fuel consumption efficiency at the same time.

Perhaps your car needs new brake pads or the shock absorbers are past their best. Our professional team can ensure your car gets all the required attention as quickly as possible so that you are not left stranded without a vehicle for too long. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so if one of those pesky warning lights has come on and you are not sure what it means, then bring your vehicle to us and we can hook it up and find out what’s wrong straight away. If the car has broken down, perhaps it needs a new battery and we can source the full range of new batteries for any model of car so rest assured, your car will be starting as good as new again in no time at all.

Exhaust repairs and fitting

We are fully equipped to test and replace exhaust systems if yours has become inefficient or has failed the emissions part of the MOT due to a fault in it. We can test to find out what the problem is and either repair or replace the system for you. Whatever your car repair requirement might be, just call us up to book an appointment and we can get the car into our bespoke state-of-the-art premises to take a look at it for you. We pride ourselves on being transparent about any work and cost required so there will be no nasty surprises.

Experienced mechanics and team

We have been working in the industry for over 40 years and have built up an excellent reputation in the area for our professional, quality service to all of our customers. This is not just to the high standards of work that we carry out on the vehicles themselves, but also on how we work with and communicate with all of our customers about the job in hand.

So if your car needs a repair or you have a fault that needs testing in Portchester to find out what is causing it, contact us today and book your vehicle in online.

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