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Fault code reading and car diagnostic testing in Porchester

If you’ve had an annoying light on your dashboard suddenly come on and you are not sure what it’s all about then you don’t need to fret and worry anymore, just book online at PGS Garage and bring the car down.

With our brand new, state-of-the-art diagnostics tools we will be able to hook up to your car’s internal computer and find out what the problem is in a matter of minutes, giving you peace of mind once the problem has been properly identified.

We can diagnose the problem

Whether it’s a problem with the brakes, or you need new shock absorbers, your car stores codes which result in flashing lights – and we can interpret those with our equipment and let you know precisely what needs doing, and also how long the problem has been there and causing your car issues.

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Get warning lights checked out

Many drivers either carry on and ignore warning lights, hoping they will just go out, or try to guess what it means and again, carry on as normal. This is not good for your car! There is no need to put your brain into overdrive trying to guess what might be wrong. Without the right equipment to read your vehicle’s codes, you have no way of knowing what the issue actually is.

Fortunately, with our 40 years of experience, we are qualified in using this hi-tech equipment to check your vehicle’s onboard computer systems. This enables us to diagnose the problem properly and efficiently, taking out all the guesswork. We can use the sensors and microchips within the car’s system to spot the problem. Once we know what is causing the light, we can get on with repairing it. A warning light can indicate a variety of things, from a major problem with your engine that needs the car to be stopped immediately, to something far simpler like a cap coming loose or a filter clogging up with dirt.

Full engine diagnostics

We can also offer a full diagnostic service for you so that even if you don’t have any flashing warning lights, you can pick up any errors that might be occurring unknowingly in your vehicle right now. By running a regular diagnostic check as part of your car’s annual maintenance plan, you can help prevent problems ever getting to the flashing light level.

We simply hook up your car’s computer to our technology and then run data tests through to make sure there is nothing flagging up in the code about any of the car’s systems such as brakes, fuel, exhaust or clutch. Clearly, if any problems do flag up then we would discuss this with you and explain any repairs and costs that would arise.

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We also pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism so if you’ve been quoted for a repair elsewhere and are not sure about what has been said, then why not book in for a diagnostic check with us first and we can confirm any issues, to put your mind at rest.

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